Zen Life Supplements –
Is DIFFERENT, This is How

Zen Life was founded by Patrick Stiles & Elizabeth Thomson in Denver, Colorado in 2010. We have sold tens of thousands of bottles of our products around the world.

Zen Life is Based in Denver Colorado

In the beginning it was simple, Liz and I had been taking the ingredients in our products for anxiety and insomnia for years, and wanted to share them with the public.

We were NOT marketers trying to push a supplement on the public.

We were two people who’s lives had been transformed by natural supplements, and wanted to combine our personal passion with our professional lives.

Now Zen Life is a lot more than just Liz and I, but we keep this initial motivation at the core of everything we do.

I certainly wish it had been easier for me to naturally fight my insomnia and anxiety.

The Problem With Natural Supplements

The supplement industry is fragmented. It is difficult (to say the least) to make sense of all the products, ingredients and clinical research out there. This is what Liz and I found years ago, before starting Zen Life even crossed our minds.

There is an abundance of clinical studies out there that are confusing, contradictory, outdated and sometimes misunderstood or misquoted. Especially as many use animal subjects or subjective criteria in their conclusions. And many are inconclusive.

Making sense of this for the average person can feel near impossible. It is tremendously hard to know…

  • What ingredients are actually effective, let alone if they are the best choice for a given condition
  • Which ingredients are just hype or pseudo-science
  • What dosage to take
  • And how to combine ingredients – not only safely but most effectively

There are tons of products on the market, some good, some not so good… I know, because I wasted plenty of money on other products.

Many other products out there are downright bad in 4 ways:

  • Heavy overuse of cheap, ineffective “filler” ingredients
  • They do NOT use standardized extracts (because these cost much more), which makes the effectiveness vary WIDELY from dose to dose.
  • They are not professionally formulated by qualified scientist – Just a bunch of hyped up ingredients that some random person through together – YIKES!
  • And most other companies hide their ingredients behind “proprietary formulas” which every formula is proprietary.  If this is the case, there is a reason they don’t want you knowing exactly what is in their product.
  • Pack 15 to 20 ingredients into one product which means, they are going for quantity over quality -  But in reality, there is only a tiny amount of each ingredient – especially the more expensive ones which tend to be the most effective.
  • And lack diversity in the types of ingredients they use – like not including effective amino acids. And instead relying solely on herbs, which have their place, but can take MUCH longer to work. Zen Life uses – standardized herbs, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and hormones wherever possible.

Why We Discloses Our Proprietary Formulas –
Even Though We Don’t Have to

You’ll notice on our ingredients pages, we don’t hide our dosages – we disclose each ingredient amount down to the milligram. Even thought we spent thousands of dollars and sometimes years developing each product.

We do this because we want you to have this information, for several important reasons:

  1. We are proud of our formulas – we paid TOP DOLLAR for their custom formulation and they are based on our experience what really works for us and scientifically formulated by some of the best in the biz.
  2. They have significant doses of the most effective ingredients, which actually make them fantastic bargains.
  3. And we want you to know what you are buying. So you can make an informed decision. Go ahead – do your own research. We did ours!

Many other supplement companies hide behind proprietary formulas. And whenever this is the case, then there is a reason…

…There is something in there they are hiding and don’t want you knowing about. Maybe their product is overpriced, or worse yet, not effective at all.

Now they could just be paranoid, or copying everyone else, since so many companies do this.

But typically, it is because they are not putting enough of the more effective (AND EXPENSIVE) ingredients in their products.

This isn’t fair.

But again, Zen Life is different…

Our Research & Development Team

Zen Life’s research and development team is comprised of professionals from a variety of scientific disciplines.

The team is headed by our world renowned PhD product formulator whose doctoral studies encompassed biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and medical microbiology.

With more than thirty five years in the nutritional supplement industry, his formulations are successfully used by millions of consumers, including hundreds of professional and Olympic® athletes, across the globe.

This esteemed science team directs and oversees every aspect of Zen Life’s production, from formulation and ingredient specification to manufacture and packaging.

How Zen Life Creates Custom Formulations
And Chooses Each Ingredient

Custom formulation at Zen Life start with the problem in mind, and work backwards to a solution that is as effective as possible – that is scientifically sound and effective and practical for our real world customers.

And then work our ways back to the science. Reviewing the most clinically researched, proven and established ingredients for addressing as many as possible of the most commonly suffered from symptoms.

Our R&D team pours over hundreds, or even thousands of clinical studies on EACH ingredient. Finding the most recent and clear scientific justification for each ingredient. And comparing the total body of science on them against itself for relevance in human physiology with the exact condition we are looking to solve.

We justify each ingredient not by its cost to us,
but by its potential benefit to you.

Therefore each ingredient is judged by itself and together by their probability of addressing your most commonly suffered from symptoms – fast, safe and effectively…

This means our R&D team looks at each ingredient by the following grounds:

  • The bio-availability of its active ingredients
  • The probability of it addressing as many of the symptoms most people experience
  • Possible interactions with other ingredients
  • Possible adverse side effects – even if rare and minor
  • And if each ingredient is the most effective for its purpose

Our minimum aim for the general population is an 80% effectiveness for the most commonly suffered from symptoms for each condition our products address.

In fact, our R&D team has vetoed products they weren’t confident they could achieve this for.

Zen Life’s Manufacturing Process

Zen Life manufactures its products here in the USA at a state of the art facility that is cGMP compliant.

These are just some of the steps we take during each manufacturing process to ensure a safe, effective and accurate product for you…

  • Each and every ingredient is sourced only from accredited and qualified sources that provide proper testing on imported and domestic nutraceuticals including assay testing for purity and also correct amount of active compounds if applicable, microbiological contaminants, heavy metal contaminants, chemical contaminants and yeast/mold contaminants.
  • Raw materials are tested at our lab’s internal quality control via FTIR testing for ingredient purity. Random samples of raw materials are also tested by qualified third party laboratories more extensively for purity, extract quality and for potential contaminants.
  • Raw materials are stored at standard room temperature and humidity controlled environment until used.
  • After blending a powder mixture to be encapsulated, FTIR testing is utilized to ensure all active ingredients are uniformly blended throughout the mixture.
  • After encapsulation, the blend within the capsule is tested again to ensure proper active ingredients are present and in proper ratios to meet what you see on our label.
  • In addition, random capsule samples are weighed throughout encapsulation to ensure the capsule filling is accurate.
  • We then remove any capsules that are defective or broken.
  • A group of quality control technicians will randomly hand count the capsules inside bottles to make sure they have the correct number of servings.
  • We keep several samples from each run, incase we need to test and investigate any of them
  • Before final release for shipment, quality control will once again pull capsules from finished bottles, check weight, and also check capsule contents via FTIR testing to ensure the blend has not been contaminated or altered in any way.

This is an ordeal and cuts deeply into our potential profit margins. But that isn’t what we are about.

Zen Life Supplements’s Values

  • Quality
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Health
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Service

Zen Life Supplements’s Mission Statement

Zen Life Supplements’s is committed to providing our customers with quality alternative medicine solutions to better their health, while upholding the highest levels of integrity and service.

Zen Life Supplements’s Beliefs

We believe Americans and western medicine tend to be overly concerned and focused on the symptoms of their maladies. This leads to seeking prescription drugs as a first choice, when they may be able to be avoided altogether. While prescriptions have their place in our health routines, they often times have their own dangerous side effects or only mask symptoms, instead of addressing the root cause of the problem.

At Zen Life Supplements, we believe that we should seek balance in our lives, and whenever we need extra help, our first choice should always be a natural, holistic, alternative medicine solution. This is the best way to stay in tuned with the natural rhythms of our bodies and what they are trying to tell us. It is when we do this, that we are able to find the greatest level of harmony in our lives.

If you have any questions for us, get in contact with us today.

Truly Yours,

Zen Night Guarantee Signature

Patrick Stiles
Zen Life Supplements – Co-Founder
Natural Product & Supplement Evangelist

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