How A Simple, All-Natural Pill Can Easily
Help You Live Your Life With More Happiness

Here is what Zen Mood's 10 scientifically-validated ingredients can quickly, safely & naturally help you achieve

  • Bring an end to dark, depressing moods of sadness, gloom and unhappiness and helps eliminate feelings of being "stuck in a rut" or being "trapped" under a dark cloud.
  • Eases the unnecessary feelings of guilt, worthlessness, inadequacy - so you’re free to be happy and live your life.
  • Reduces your irritableness, prickliness and tension - so you’re not annoyed at the little things in life, or snapping at loved ones.
  • Gives you more emotional balance throughout your life - so you're not over or under eating - but effortlessly maintaining a healthy weight
  • Zen Mood can help boost mental clarity and alertness — this concentration and focus will help handle your work and important things in life.
  • Helps you enjoy your favorite activities again by increasing dopamine which triggers the reward and motivation part of your brain. You’ll be able to take up your old hobbies with renewed vigor and excitement — giving you more passion in your life.
  • Stops you from feeling drained or lethargic — So you have more healthy, natural (jitter-free) energy - both mentally and physically - so you can muster the energy to participate in your life
  • Helps you restore your relationships and helps you be more present for your loved ones — so you are more enjoyable to be around
  • Stabilizes your mood - helping to dramatically reduce your unpredictable mood swings - so you are easier to be around for your loved ones and coworkers. 
  • Helps increase your "happy" brain chemicals & neurotransmitters - dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, adrenalin and glutamate (which you could easily be depleted of). These critical neurotransmitters contribute to a happy, energetic, positive and stable mood... And can make you more naturally happy!
  • Helps your body handle your anxiety better - which is related to and contributes to you not being happy
  • Zen Mood's quick absorption and several ingredients have a "rapid and long lasting effect" to quickly improve and stabilize your mood - Helping deliver rapid relief of your most pressing symptoms.
  • Helps protect and repair your brain from neurotoxic chemicals. These nasty pollutants (which are in your environment and diet) cause your brain to be out of balance, kill neurons and contribute to emotional malfunctioning, like bad moods — Repairing your brain to a healthy state allows it function optimally in natural balance, resilience and happiness.
  • Contains adaptogenic & Ayurvedic herbs that strengthen your adrenal glands - which are key components of your stress response system - helping you fight off stress and produce energy.
  • Several of Zen Mood's all natural, safe ingredients have been found to be as effective as prescription antidepressants in clinical studies
  • All natural, non-invasive ingredients have minimal side effects - including no sexual side effects, weight gain or upset stomach - This way you won’t be turned into a "pill zombie" and can continue living your life without interruption.
  • And Zen Mood should have ZERO affect on your motor coordination - meaning that you can take Zen Mood during the day or before work without any worry.
  • Contains standardize extracts of bioactive ingredients — Most companies refuse to offer these more expensive ingredients - even though they are vastly superior). They have verified amounts of the exact compounds that actually help you. Knowing Zen Mood contains these will give you peace of mind and consistent results you can rely on.
  • And if all these isn’t enough - the Zen Mood ingredients have been show to help reduces inflammation, fight fatigue, improve memory and reduces pain.
  • You can't get Zen Mood anywhere where else. It is not sold in stores. This PhD formulated proprietary blend of standardized extracts is not sold in stores. This is the only place to get them.

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