10 Natural Ingredients Effectively Target
Your Most Pressing Symptoms Quickly – So You Feel
Happier, More Positive & Less Irritable - Now

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount Per SRV %DV
Folate (as folic acid) 800mcg 200%
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 60mcg 1000%
St. John's Wort Extract (Hypercium perforatum) (aerial parts) (0.3% hypericins) 450mg **
L-Tyrosine 400mg **
Acetyl-L-Carnitine (as acetyl-L-carnitine HCl) 300mg **
Bacopa monnieri Extract (whole plant)
(20% bacosides)
250mg **
Rhodiola Extract (Rhodiola rosea)(root)
(3% rosavins) (1% salidroside)
200mg **
Glycine 100mg **
5 HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) (from Griffonia
) (seed)
50mg **
Vinpocetine 5mg **
** Daily Value (DV) not established.
Zen Mood Bottles

When you order Zen Mood you get 10 all-natural ingredients based on time-tested research at improving your mood, easing dark feelings of sadness, reducing irritability and renewing your interests in your favorite activities and hobbies.

Being "trapped" in deep sad, gloomy and mopey moods isn’t natural.

Here’s the 10 hard-hitting ingredients and how they help your mood...

St. John's Wort

— Scientifically proven to improve symptoms of depression. Can help increases your dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and glutamate - which all boost your mood and make you happier. Also reduces your anxiety, which helps improve your life and your mood. 

Several studies have found St. John’s Wort to beat the effects of placebos and matched or even edged-out some prescription drugs in head-to-head comparisons for the treatment of depression and mood disorders - All with fewer side effects!

Additionally, St. John’s Wort can help your anxiety - by blocking GABA receptors. Which will leave your feeling more calm and peaceful.

Also it is a neuro-protective agent — Helps protect and restore your brain from losing neurons and degenerating which helps healthy brain function, meaning a happier healthier you.



 — This amino acid has a "rapid and long-lasting antidepressant effect” - helping to quickly boost your mood, increase energy and reduce and prevent neurotoxicity. And it has been shown to help you feel more pleasure and increase your quality of life.

It has a a "rapid and long-lasting antidepressant effect.”

“Improve(s) energy levels and muscle strength” - so you aren’t lethargic or drained of energy. This Jitter-free, clean energy and mental alertness will help get you excited about your life again.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine can help protect your brain from toxic chemicals that damage your nervous system and brain - killing neurons and preventing your mind and body from functioning at its bets and could be linked to some of your symptoms.  

And it has been shown to help you feel more pleasure. Increase your quality of life. Reduce anxiety & depression. And just feel more alive.


Rhodiola Rosea

 — This Adaptogenic herb can help increase your serotonin, decrease wild mood swings, reduce depressed feelings, and improves anxiety levels - which all makes you happier! 

One study found that “overall depression, together with insomnia [and] emotional stability ... improved significantly” from Rhodiola Rosea.

It has been shown to help improve Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) symptoms.

And one study found that Rhodiola Rosea increased the neural stem cells and repaired injured neurons at the hippocampus back to normal levels — meaning it can help your brain heal back to a healthier more optimal state. Which is naturally more happy!

And yet another study found: Rhodiola Rosea is “especially helpful in treating… lethargic (lack of energy) depression”



 — Raises levels of serotonin and other hormones — promoting positive mental & emotional state.

This amino acid also provides a feeling of calm relaxation that helps reduce anxiety and can improve your sleep.

It absorbs fast into the blood stream and easily crosses the blood brain barrier — meaning it goes to work fast — quickly boosting serotonin - which helps regulate sleep, depression, anxiety, aggression, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior, and pain sensation.

Additionally, several other studies have concluded:

"5-HTP has definitely got antidepressant effect in patients of depression. Antidepressant effect was seen within 2 weeks of treatment and was apparent in all degrees of depression.”

"the [scientific research] has shown its robust role in depression”

"Several double-blind studies have shown 5-HTP to be effective in the treatment of depression.”


Bacopa (Brahmi)

 — This Ayurvedic herb can help improve your anxiety and mood… As well as fight your fatigue, strengthen your memory and reduce physical pain.

Clinical studies have found it to be as effective as some prescription drugs for improving mood.

Another study found it to be “a potent therapeutic agent in treating mixed anxiety-depressive disorder (MAD).”



 — Reduces inflammation and increases the blood flow to your brain — so it gets more nutrient-rich blood and can function at its best, most optimal state. Which is naturally healthy and happy! 

Vinpocetine passes the blood-brain barrier rapidly - which means you can feel its affects fast. This ingredient doesn’t need to build up in your system for months, weeks or even days.

Vinpocetine has validated neuroprotective properties - which means it helps protect your brain from toxic chemicals that damage your brain, kill neurons and contribute to it malfunctioning…

… Addressing this helps regrow neurons, helps your brain operate optimally, naturally creates balance and make you happier (and healthier) as a person. 

It has been found to be a effective treatment in reducing pain… And a little known fact is pain drains your serotonin, taxes your mind and body and destroys your quality of life - which all contribute to sad, depressed moods. So helping manage pain will help you be more happy.


Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid

 — These vitamins have been intensely studied for decades and found to have “definite antidepressant effects.” They decrease the chance of bad mood and improve production of neurotransmitters and their receptors in the brain — which help you feel happier.

Studies all over the world have shown that a deficiency in either contributes to mood disorders and depression. 

For instance one study states: "Mood disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar disorder) are common among women and can be associated with folate deficiency."


 — This is the basic building block for some of your most critical neurotransmitters and hormones (dopamine, epinephrine and noradrenalin). Taking it can increase their production — helping you be happy, motivated, goal-striving & positive.

Low levels of L-Tyrosine have been linked to depression and fatigue.

And balancing it can help have more energy and motivation — so you can take care of the basic necessities of life - which will also boost your self esteem.

Having more motivation will help you participate in your own life, with energy and clear focus — helping you care of the things that matter most to you with overwhelming positivity.


 — This amino acid helps increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of the active ingredients in Zen Mood. So that you get maximum and consistent relief.

It also softens the impact of Zen Mood on your stomach and GI Tract - by quickening its passing through your stomach and increasing the speed of absorption. This means you don’t have to worry about getting an upset stomach or trading relief for side effects. 

Ingredients Backed by Cutting-Edge Breakthroughs from
95 Clinical Studies At Top Universities &
Research Institutes From Around the World

Zen Mood’s 10 Rapid-acting, long-lasting ingredients were carefully formulated by our world renowned PhD product formulator.

He leveraged his 35+ years of experience of creating world-wide bestselling dietary supplements and his doctoral studies in biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and medical microbiology — to devour 1000s of dense clinical studies…

… Extracting the key-findings from 95 of the the most clear, convincing studies to deliver to you the most effective product possible.

These 95 clinical studies are from around the world at top research institutions and leading universities… Including Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Tufts, Vanderbilt, Emory and University of Pittsburgh.

Some studies had up to 9,670 human participants, were double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized and appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals…

… And even compared the mood boosting effects of Zen Mood’s ingredients to prescription drugs!

This means you’re getting a unique, powerful combination of scientifically validated ingredients in a high end, professionally created formula.

It was labored over with intensive care by a true world-class expert. And its ability to help your mood and happiness have been verified in the strictest of environments with solid science.

This powerful product has the highest chance of delivering relief to your most crippling symptoms.

So, you can relax. Zen Mood is the real deal.

You can cast your doubts aside. And stop guessing what to take or who to listen to. We’e done the hard part for you.

Because let’s face it — if you’ve ever tried to read clinical research, you know it is technical, dense and confusing. You literally need an advanced scientific degree to really make sense of it all.

If you tried this on your own, you would need to know how to compare statistical methods, sample sizes, human vs. animal participants, dosages and overlapping effects.

And — You would still run into conflicting results and inconclusive findings.

We’ve handled all of this for you… Down to the exact number of milligrams included of each ingredient.

You can be confident Zen Mood is made here in the USA at a state of the art GMP compliant facility - so you get safe, pure, natural product you can take with confidence.

You get higher quality & more-effective standardized extracts that deliver maximum & consistent relief.

And all the herbals in Zen Mood are standardized extracts. This more expensive form of our ingredients verifies you get the maximum and verified amount of the active compounds in each one - so you get consistent relief and results you can count on.

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